It can be difficult for people to work out how Satellite TV technology works, what is required to receive programmes and where to find real information on what is available on what systems and how to understand it. Often the standard "I just have a simple question" enquiry turns out into protracted detailed questions which keep us from attending to customer enquiries and important follow ups of orders of existing customers. People who take up our time end up delaying service to YOU!

So as you can see on our website, for those who need it we can provide advice, discussion, explantaion, consultation and even training in person or by telephone or email. And we have found this to be VERY successful! With people finding the information most useful each time! So don't be afraid to avail your self of this service! We will help you understand Satellite TV technology!
Only Certified Tech with proper Tertiary Qualifications will talk to you, answer your questions and also explain what you NEED to know.

Cost for a "Brief" consultation under one hour is $35+gst. Or $70+gst over half hour for up to 1 hour of our Technical Expert's time. And you can pay in person, by bank deposit or add 3% and pay by Visa, Bankcard or Mastercard or add 5% for Amex credit card. If you really have just a truly simple question (say 5-10 minutes or so which rarely happens) we will only charge your credit card for $35+gst plus card fee to help you out ;-)

So my apology that we can not provide advice for free. But we just spend too much time on it. So please before you call or email us with questions do fax the signed credit card Order Form for $70+gst+3%CardFee=$79.31 and then phone us on 03-96998844 or email us to get advice of what is available and any questions you might have etc. You can also pay by bank deposit $70+gst=$77 to our account. Call us for Bank Account details if you want to pay by bank deposit.
Normally our labour rates are around $90-120+gst/hour. But to make it affordable for customers we are keeping the cost for satellite advice down to $70+gst to make it more affordable.

Keep in mind the cost of advice and consultation and time to answer questions is NOT included in the cost of equipment. So if we spent all the time requested of us for free it would actually not be worth selling the equipment at all. Even if enquirers would purchase it we would lose. Labour cost is the biggest cost killer. The margins do not cover it. People have forced the prices down too low. So over the years we have found this the fairest way that those who know what they need simply buy the equipment. Quick buyers overall want us to keep the cost of equipment down. So this way those who need help can get it if they want it. Without us having to increase prices of equipment for everyone. Specially those who know what they want and just want to buy something.



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