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Hi Definition Video!...Snazzi Video Capture and Editing cards $240. Complete with Adobe Premiere Elements Software!...Dreambox DM7020HD High Definition Satellite and TV Receiver Recorder DVR !!!...IN Stock NOW !!!...

Snazzi* AV.DV Pro Video Capture and Editing Kit

Video Capture and Editing made EASY! Includes professional Video Breakout Box and Adobe Premiere CS3 Timeline Out Plug and Editing Software

Dreambox DM7020HD

Satellite and High Definition TV or Cable Receiver and DVR Recorder! Up to 2 TBytes of Disk Storage

LCD Monitors and All in One Computers

Industrial and Open Frasme LCD Monitors. Touchscreens and Nontouch

INFOSAT imports, distributes and retails high quality Satellite Receiver Equipment. From just a dish antenna to cables, LNB and receivers.
You can buy individual components or complete preprogrammed system solutions. All delivered right to your door. All receivers can be provided pre-programmed to facilitat easy, troublefree installation to get up and running right away. And we can even provide on site installtion for you if required.

Satellite Receiver Equipment
Individual Components and Complete Kits

Satellite TV is now an affordable reality. With dozens of Free-to-Air channels broadcasting 24 hours a day right NOW. In a variety of languages aimed at people from all nations and interests. And YES...crystal clear picture quality !
With FREE program material such as Movies, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN Financial Markets, CNBC Asia and India Financial markets, Indian, Greek, German, Italian, Chinese, Pakistan, Mandarin, Cantonese, Egyptian, Mongolian, Sports Channel, Nickelodeon...etc etc etc. There's sure to be something of interest for everyone. Satellite TV gives you so much more to enjoy. And is certainly an exciting alternative to the drab old monotone local material !
We can bring all these channels and programs to you...TODAY !

We can provide you the necessary equipment, installation and everything required. Or perhaps take advantage of our advice and consultation service to get an education of what's available, how it works and a real live first hand demonstration. Of all the above material. Then see for yourself if Satellite TV has something for you !
*Note: Please don't phone or email us for free advice with questions like "I just need some advice..." or "What do I need to receive..." etc. Many people in recent time have made it impossible to provide such free advice and service any more. Our consultation arrangements are shown at the bottom of this web page or you can just Click Here. Please take a look before you call.
EXISTING DISH OWNERS! If you need a receiver to use with your existing satellite dish, consider "Micronica Gold Receiver" below! In stock for IMMEDIATE delivery!

SUPER SPECIAL !! Genuine Bargain To Clear:
95cm x 85 cm Dish, LNB and Universal Mounting Stand. Pre-owned With Warranty. All for JUST $50+gst !

You can get a complete Satellite TV kit! From UNDER AU$ 700 !
* All the bits and pieces ready for you to install yourself. Or get us to do it for you if you don't feel up to it. Installation by a professional installer is always recommended of course.
* Dish Antenna with Swivel Base, Analog and Digital Receivers, Positioner, Servo Arm Actuator.
* All you do is provide a pole for us to mount the dish on. And we can even provide that !

Christian TV Receiver Kit...AU$ 420+gst
* Complete Kit to receive Christian Satellite TV
* Includes Satellite Receiver, Dish, Cable and Mounting Kit. Add $100+gst for installtion if required.
* >Click Here< for some Program Guides. Or book in for a live demo. Just $50+gst.

65cm Ku Band Dish Antenna...AU$ 92+gst
* High quality model. Ideal for Foxtel, Optus, Aurora etc.
85cm Ku Band Dish Antenna...AU$ 97+gst
* High quality model. Ideal for Foxtel, Optus, Aurora etc. in low signal conditions.
85cm Ku Multi Beam Dish Antenna...AU$ 175+gst
* Takes 1, 2 or 3 LNB's. Receive up to 3 Satellites on ONE dish!
LNB for Ku Band 65cm and 85cm Dish...AU$ 73+gst
* Ideal for 65cm and 85cm Ku Band Dish for Foxtel, Optus, Aurora etc.
* Choice of two types: LO=10.7GHz 11.7-12.75GHz or LO=11.3GHz 12.25-12.75GHz

LNB Twin for Ku Band 65cm, 85cm and 90cm Dish...AU$ 90+gst
* Dual LNB with 2 output connectors. So you can connect TWO receivers.
* Universal LNB 10.7-12.75GHz LO=9.75+10.6GHz or Regular LNB 12.25-12.75GHz LO=11.3GHz

SPECIAL...65cm Dish+LNB Combo...AU$ 135+gst
* Buy the set and SAVE!
Tin Roof and Wall Universal Mounting Kit...AU$ 75+gst
* Tripod type. This quality kit is same as and APPROVED BY FOXTEL AND AUSTAR !
Tile Roof Mounting Kit...AU$ 75+gst
* Fits under first tile row. Avoids tile holes and leaks. Bolts to rafters trusses up to 900mm apart!

C Band 2.4m Infosat Dish Antenna - C Band (Moveable)...AU$ 349+
* Yes, this high quality, high gain antenna works great, even in Melbourne, way "Down Under".
* 2.4m Diameter High Quality Infosat Dish Antenna. Not a "cheapie" that falls apart.
* Includes Tilt and Swivel Base.
* Assemble yourself. Or we can do it for you.
* Installation and final inspection by a professional installer is always recommended of course.
* Use it in fixed or semi fixed position. Or add a positioner now or later to conveniently move between satellites.
* You provide the pole to mount it on. Do it yourself or get someone qualified to do it for you.

Dish Antenna (Movable) SPECIAL!...AU$295
* Similar to the one above but economy model.

Infosat C Band LNB...AU$ 75+
* C-Band Low Noise Blocking Down Converter
* The right one to receive Analog and Digital program material.
* Can be used with Analog or Digital Receiver.
Brief Specs: C-Band Dual Polarisation,I/P Freq:3.4-4.2GHz,LO Freq:5.150GHZ,LO Freq Stability:+-2MHz(-40C<->+70C),Local Leakage at Input:-45dBm,O/P Freq:950-1750MHz,Conversion Gain:60dB(min.),Gain Flatness:+-1dB/36MHz,O/P VSWR:2.5:1,O/P Spurious:60dBm(max),Noise:17K(max),Power:13-24V/150mA(max),Switching Voltage:13V/18V,Image Rej.:45dB(min),O/P Power:+5dBm(at 1dB compression),O/P Conn:F Female,I/P Conn:WG with Horn Ring. Note: Specs subject to change without notice.

NEW!!! DUAL BAND C Band + KU Band LNB...AU$ 180+
* CKU LNBF. C-Band PLUS KU-Band LNB !!!
* TWO functions in the one LNB. What EVERYONE has been waiting for!
Brief Specs:
C Band: Input:3.4-4.2GHz,LO:5.150GHz,Output:950-1750MHz,Gain:65dB
KU Band: Input:10.7-12.75GHz,LO:Lo Band 9.75GHz,Hi Band 10.6GHz, Output:Lo Band 950-1950GHz,Hi Band 1100-2150MHz
Noise: 0.3dB Switching:DiSEqC 2x1
Note: Specs subject to change without notice.

Dish Antenna Positioner Arm...AU$ 141
* Long reach 24", High Quality Heavy Duty Positioner Servo Arm. Suit 2.4m and 3m dish

Dish Antenna Positioner Controller...AU$ 126
* With Infra Red Remote Control.
* Allows postitioning of Dish Antenna to select Satellites from the comfort of your arm chair.
* 30m Cable add $65

Infosat Antenna Cable Kit. 20m Premade with Connectors...AU$ 75
* High quality Low Loss shielded Coaxial Cable. Perfect for use with our antenna kits.
* Includes two connectors.

SPECIAL! Micronica ClearView DSR1000HD Receiver...AU$ 60.00+gst
* Great all round free to air HD and SD Satellite receiver with HDMI!
* Fully HD & SD MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/AVC Compatible
* Great features including HDMI HD and RCA Composite Video and Audio connectors
* External PVR Recording capability with 2 x USB Port. Great value!

SPECIAL! Micronica ClearView HD1027IR Irdeto Receiver...AU$ 110.00+gst
* A GREAT low cost Irdeto Receiver! With HDMI. Built in Irdeto smart card * slot< * Fully HD & SD MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/AVC Compatible
* Great features including HDMI HD and RCA Composite Video and Audio connectors
* External PVR Recording capability with 2 x USB Port. Great value!

Micronica Irdeto Gold Digital Receiver...AU$ 50.00
* Great Features! Including Scart and RCA video connectors. High Quality Digital Receiver. Great value!
* Features Irdeto Smart Card Slot with Licensed Embedded Irdeto
* Crystal clear picture quality. Better than some of your local TV Stations depending on your location !
* Typically Receive Amongst Others (varies from time to time):
- Indian Movies and Entertainment, - Greek, - Chinese, - Pakistan, - Egyptian, - Lebanese, - Muslim, - Indonesian, - CNBC Asia Financial, - CNBC India Financial, - CNN and CNN Financial, -TARBS, -Turkish, - BBC, - Korean, - 24 Hour/day Fashion Channel !, - Crystal Clear 24 Hour/day Music Channels, - German, - French TV5 Asie, - Croatian, - Spanish, - Italian, - American, - Mongolian, - Fujian
- And much, much more ! Make an appointment for a demo. $70+gst

SPECIAL! Topfield 2060 Irdeto Receiver...AU$ 170.00+gst
* Great all round HD and SD Satellite receiver with Irdeto Smart Card Slot!
* Built in Licensed Irdeto smart card slot
* Great features including HDMI HD and SCART Composite and Svideo connectors
* External Recording capability with USB2 Port. Great value!

Infosat IRD2003 eMetabox Digital Satellite Super Receiver...AU$ 451.82+gst
* e Metabox 3 programmable receiver. Now available!
* 7 BUILT IN encryption systems ! Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Cryptoworks, Conax, Nagravision, Mediaguard. What more can you ask for !
* X-CAM Built In! + 1 x Smart Card Slot + 2 x CAM Slots.
* Complete > Specifications Brochure <.
* Note: We do not provide eMeta function programming assistance.

Strong Irdeto Satellite Receiver...AU$ 150
* Features Irdeto Smart Card Slot. For Optus Aurora and Selectv Smart cards.

Infosat Digital+Analog+Positioner Receiver...AU$ 952
* The ULTIMATE receiver in our range. Does the whole lot. All in one unit !!
* HEAPS of Features:
 - Digital Receiver built in
 - Analog Receiver built in
 - Antenna Positioner built in
 - Dual Common Interface Slots for Cards

SPECIAL! Dreambox DM7020HD...AU$ 623.00+gst
* Dreambox DM7020HD High Definition Satellite Receiver is now available!
* Note: These are the 100% GENUINE ARTICLE! The REAL DEAL with full proper 1 year warranty.
* NOT some old version clone which won't work with some firmwares! At this great price why bother with a dodgy clone ;-)
* With twin tuners INCLUDED! 1 x DVB-S2 and 1 x DVB-T or DVB-C/T Combined Tuner as provided by Dream,2 x DVB Common-Interface Slot,2 x Smartcard-Reader (Dreamcrypt CA),Mini USB for service update,10/100 MBit Ethernet,3 x USB 2.0 (1 x front, 2 x back),S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3),Scart-interfaces,HDMI,Audio/Video cinch out,1 GByte Flash, 512 MByte RAM,SATA - Plug&Play frame for optional internal HDD 3,5" in any capacity,eSATA),Channel-change time < 1 second
* Frequently Asked Questions FAQ and helpful tips
* Note: Installation of third party software such as "Emerald" to view NDS encryption programs such as Foxtel Digital, or "VLC Plugin" to stream video on home networks is not covered by warranty

Dreambox DM500HD...AU$ 477.27+gst
* Dreambox DM500 is now superceded by DM500 HD
* HDMI,Smart Card Slot,Ethernet Port,eSata Port,SCART,Digital Audio,Optional External eSATA Hard Disk

Dreambox DM7025+...AU$ 775.00+gst
* Price INCLUDES TWIN DVB-S Satellite TV Tuners !
* Twin Tuners, 2 Smart Card Slots, 1 CAM Slot, Compact Flash Memory Card Slot, USB Port, Ethernet Port, Composite, Svideo, SCART Component Video
* Frequently Asked Questions FAQ and helpful tips
* Note: Installation of third party software such as "Emerald" to view NDS encryption programs such as Foxtel Digital, or "VLC Plugin" to stream video on home networks is not covered by warranty

Tuner Card for Dreambox. Genuine Dream Multimedia product!
* Dream Multimedia DVB-T Tuner $40.00+gst
- DVB Tuner Module 6180-0500-2401, 3139 147 20681D#, TU1216L/I H P, SV25 0642
* Dream Multimedia DVB-C Tuner $20.00+gst
- DVB Tuner Module 6180-0500-2401, 3139 147 24631A#, CU1216L/A I G H-3, SV20 0642

HomeCast S8000 CIPVR Hard Disk Recorder PVR Receiver...AU$ 389.00+gst
* S8000CIPVR is a GREAT NEW replacement for the Topfield 5000PVR receiver !
* 160GB Hard Disk Recorder INCLUDED, DUAL Tuners, 2 CAM Slots, Composite, SCART with Component Video
* Note: Australian model does not have HDMI

Topfield TF7700HDPVR HD PVR Satellite Receiver...AU$ 585.00+gst
* TF7700 HDPVR High Definitition Satellite Receiver with Personal Video Recorder with 250GB Hard Disk INCLUDED

SPECIAL! Homecast eM-150IR Irdeto Receiver...AU$ 210.00+gst
* A GREAT NEW lower cost alternative to the Humax IR-ACE ! With BETTER features!
* Built in Irdeto smart card slot
* Our firmware works with the new Foxtel Red Irdeto 2 Smart Cards ! And Optus Aurora Smart Cards too!
* Check out the >FULL DETAILS<

Strong 4900 HD/SD Satellite Receiver...AU$ 440.00+gst
* PVR Ready with USB and eSATA Ports for External Hard Disk

Strong 4910 HD/SD Satellite and HD/SD Terrest 475.00+gst
* PVR Ready with USB and eSATA Ports for External Hard Disk

Humax IR-ACE Digital Receiver...AU$ 250.00+gst
* The Humax IRACE is now the new replacement model for the super popular 5410z
* Both Humax IR-ACE S and Humax IR-ACE M with digital display available IMMEDIATELY!

SPECIAL! ID Digital CI-24 Satellite Receiver...AU$ 218.18+gst
* With 1 x CI CAM Slot.

Humax 5400z Digital Receiver...AU$ 438.18+gst

Humax 5410z Digital Receiver IN STOCK!...AU$ 150.00

Analog Receiver...YES! Just AU$ 50
* Sensitive High Quality Analog Receiver with Remote Control for Channel Selection.
* For people wanting to play with Analog Satellite TV

Pent@VALUE PCI Satellite Receiver card...AU$ 360.90+
* Pentamedia Pent@VALUE PCI Card. In stock NOW!

Irdeto 2.06 CAM...IN STOCK NOW!! AU$ 200+
* Original 2.06, NOT the troublesome 2.06B
* Details: Ver:00.04 SoftCell:Ver 2.06 [CI] NEC I-Chip, Model 900264 or 900440
* Compatible for use in Australia and Europe
* Fully Flashable
* For receivers with CAM slot to receive Optus, Foxtel, Austar etc. with appropriate smartcard
* This hard to get item is in stock right now!
* Note: If you have an Irdeto 2.06 CAM already, we can flash it for you with Freecam $90+gst

Irdeto 2.06 CAM with Freecam...IN STOCK NOW!! AU$ 200+
* As above but Flashed with "Freecam" already. Functionality for both Irdeto and Seca/Viaccess
* Please don't ask us about other Freecam functionality. We do not provide support. It's up to you.
* VERY limited stock right NOW of this hard to get item !

Irdeto 2.06B CAM AU$ 120+
* Model 901633

Irdeto 2.09 CAM AU$ 180+

Irdeto 2.26,2.26B,2.26D CAM...IN STOCK NOW!! AU$ 120+
* Our CAM firmware will work with Irdeto 1 and 2 and the new Optus Aurora and SelecTV Smart Cards
* Customer testimonial: "For some reason your CAM works whilst my other CAM with the same part number glitches in the same receiver".

T-Rex 4.6 Supermodule Twin CAM AU$ 270+
* T-Rex 4.6 Twin Supermodule
* Predator 3.66 software already installed
* TRex Loader Card also available $75+gst
* Please don't ask us about Trex CAM functionality. We do not provide support for that.
* This hard to get item is in stock right now!

Mastera 3 Smart Card Programmer AU$ NLA

Mastera 4 Smart Card Programmer AU$ 180+gst
* Power Plugpack and Serial Cable kit optional $45+gst

Mastera 5 Card Programmer...IN STOCK NOW!! AU$ 250+gst
* The famous Mastera 5 progammer is a fast and reliable programmer for most popular smartcards.
* LIMITED QUANTITY! Get in while they last! You can order right NOW! For IMMEDIATE delivery! Buy direct from the importer !
* Power Plugpack and Serial Cable kit optional $45+gst. Proper plugpack for Australia.
* We now include comprehensive information on programming Titanium Cards for our customers!
* Mastera V programs Gold Card, Silver card, Fun Card and more! The best programmer we can provide!
* Mastera V has BOTH Serial and USB Ports
* We include Programming Software and a Copy Cheatsheet so you get up and running fast !
* Famous BUILT IN stand alone Card Copy feature without the need for a PC! Automatically detects Gold, Silver, Fun Card etc. Very handy and easy! But please don't ask us to help you with copy protected cards. We will not help how to overcome protection!
* And the Copy Feature does not damage the original Gold, Silver, Fun Card etc unlike some programmers.
* Note: Copying may be subject to Copyright. Make sure you have permission from author. We will not assist you. If you intend to use it for illegal activities we will not supply it to you!
* Download the complete User Manual in PDF format.
* We can provide a Teaching Tutorial $90+gst (up to 1 hour) to demo and help you understand smart card technology if you like. Such as difference between cards and teach you how to program Gold Cards etc.

Jaycar Smart Card Programmer Kit AU$ 90+gst
* Build it yourself electronic parts kit for hobbyists if you like to take the risk. Without software or support

CardPro Phoenix Serial Smart Card Programmer AU$ 140+gst
* Complete Set for use with Serial Port. Including proprietary software

CardPro USB Smart Card Programmer AU$ 140+gst
* Complete Set for use with USB Port. Including proprietary software
* If you want to use 3rd party software consider the CardPro Phoenix RS232.

CS201 Contactless Smart Card Reader AU$ 240+gst
* EM4100 or compatible 125KHz ID Card Reader. Compact and neat. Effective distance 10cm

CS120 Contactless Card Reader and Writer AU$ 350+gst
* 13.56MHz RFID Technology. Supports Mifare ISO 14443 A&B cards. USB or Serial Interface

Duolabs Cas Interface 3 CAS3 Plus USB+RS232 AU$ 340+gst
* Kit includes CAS Interface 3 Plus+,20-Pin female cable (30cm),J-Card,Dummy Card.
* USB and serial cable are not included.
* Optional: Diablo Cam. Add $200+gst
* Technical Specs

Smart Cards
* Data Sheets
Note: We do not sell programmed smart cards of any sort. Only blank cards.
We can supply the full range of RFID devices. Please contact us for RFID pricing
* Gold Card Smart Cards - 16F84+24C16 $8+gst...SPECIAL! $7+gst each in lots of 10!
* Silver Card (Piccard II) Smart Cards - 16F876/16F877+24C64 $27+gst...SPECIAL! $22+gst each in lots of 10!
* Silver Card PIC 4 Smart Cards - 16F876/16F877+24C256 $30+gst...SPECIAL! $25+gst each in lots of 10!
* Fun Card (Funcard II) Smart cards - Atmel 90S8515a+24C64 $30+gst
* Fun Card (Funcard 4) Smart cards - Atmel 90S8515a+24C256 $30+gst
* Fun Card (Funcard 5) Smart cards - Atmel 90S8515a+24C512 $35+gst
* Fun Card (Funcard 6) Smart cards - Atmel 90S8515a+24C1024 $40+gst
* Emerald Card (Emerald 2) Smart cards - PIC 16F628+24LC64 $30+gst
* Emerald Card (Emerald 4) Smart cards - PIC 16F628+24LC256 $33+gst
* Titanium Smart Card - AT90SC3232CS $60+gst
* Pentacard Penta Card High Security Smart Card - AT90SC6464C $70+gst
* Gamma Card AT90SC7272C Atmel $85+gst small quantity IN STOCK!
* How do Smartcards work ? What's the differences ? How to program Gold Cards ? Call to book in for our Education Tutorial $90+gst (1 Hour), held daily, to help you understand.

Optus Aurora Smartcard...AU$ 110+gst
* Genuine proper card. This is the ONLY programmed card we sell.
* YES, this IS the LATEST card. We have been inundated with phone calls. So please place your order as per our Ordering webste area!
* We can not offer email or telephone support for these cards. We just supply them including instructions. Call OPTUS for their program advice.
* Rest assured this is THE LATEST CARD!

Satellite Finder...AU$ 25+gst
* Signal Strength Meter and Tone in one unit. Essential test equipment.

Automatic DISEcQ Antenna Switch...AU$ 86+gst
* Connect up to 4 dishes or LNB's to one receiver. To switch automatically between dishes

Antenna Switch...AU$ 90+gst
* If you want to use both Analog and Digital Receivers. Allows switching the Dish Antenna between Receivers.
* High Isolation Switch

Video and Audio Switch...AU$ 90+gst
* If you don't have enough video inputs on your TV or VCR.
* 4 x Audio+Video In, 1 x Audio+VIdeo Out.

NTSC to PAL Converter...AU$ 350
* Converts NTSC programmes to PAL.
* We have both Economy and High End NPS-3000 models available. Your choice.

Infosat Installation Service...From AU$ 70/hr
* Field visit fee applies. Long distances no problem. Even Country Areas!
* Typical KU Band installation: Rush Job:$200+gst. Including on site visit Melbourne Metro.
* Labour rates will vary for complex custom installations. We will be pleased to quote you.
* Installation and configuration of your own equipment for LBC etc. can also be arranged.

Advice, Consultation and Demonstration...From AU$ 70/Hour
* Education is not free. But we will provide you the best advice we possibly can. So you can decide yourself.
* Maybe you just want to find out more about it. And if it's for you or your special Country interest group. For example we can provide you a system with 10 FREE Indian Programme channels. And also discuss requirements to receive Zee TV. Call for a demo and discussion. Just $70+gst. Or $79.31 inc gst by credit card. and YES, you can even do the consultation by phone! Many people happily do that. No problem.
Typical topics covered (we disuss whatever you like):
- Where do I find out what channels are available
- What channels can I receive for free
- What channels do I have to pay for
- What can I receive with a small dish
- What can I receive with a big dish
* We can also consult and advise you for specialist services like LBC etc. if required.
* Maybe you would like a REAL live demo of a working system and what you can expect.
* We can advise you how to start enjoying Satellite TV today. And how you can expand your system. At minimum cost.
* No sales pressure. Guaranteed ! Just honest advice, education and service.
* Please, no unpaid consultancy and advice by email or phone. Call Edward to make an appointment or to arrange a paid telephone consultation on 03-96998844. Click Here to see ADVICE AND CONSULTATION arrangements before you call.

How do you order ? It's quick and easy !
You can order directly from INFOSAT
Infosat On Line Order Service

- All prices exclude GST
- Dish Antenna installations and final inspection should be performed by qualified installers. Site inspection and installation certification by a qualified engineer following installation is advisable depending on individual installations such as mountings, fastening, environment, wind conditions.
- Dish Antenna damage caused by environmental conditions such as high wind is not subject to warranty.
Satellite Receiver Guide
* Check out what's up in the sky...Satellite and Program Chart
* More interesting Satellite Information.
* Angle Calculator.
* Not all of the World's satellites are receiveable in Australia. Check the charts.
* Of course we can't guarantee what satellites can be received or signal quality.

Infosat ships Worldwide. Contact Infosat for prices and product information:
Reseller enquiries are welcome.
- Satellite Communication and Network Services -
184 Napier Street, South Melbourne, 3205, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
T: 61-3-96998844
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